Still undecided on a critique? Needing a mentor?

Look at the benefits other writers and small business owners have received from working with Clarendon 3.

“I write a women in leadership blog and really value the insights I receive from Clarendon 3.
Joanne’s feedback on my writing is invaluable. She can always identify exactly what’s missing and which direction to take my writing. Her input is prompt and timely, and she guides without rewriting or changing my work unnecessarily.
Joanne is also multi-skilled; for instance, she is an excellent project manager. I love working with Joanne and don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Laini Bennett, Manager, and Business Owner.

“If you need your manuscript honed, your motivations strengthened and your characters to authentically live and breath on every page Joanne Dannon is your gal.Joanne’s eye for detail is second to none, as is her ability to identify where those extra little pieces of magic need to go to develop a story from readable to un-put-downable.

With a direct and efficient approach, Joanne asked relevant questions, offering a considered, knowledgeable and heartfelt critique of my work, that enabled me to see my words with fresh eyes, and equipped me to further develop my manuscript with laser focus.

I highly recommend Joanne to anyone wanting  an honest, accountable and actionable review of their manuscript.”

Amanda Knight, romantic suspense author

“Joanne provided very insightful feedback regarding my work-in-progress with a very constructive, well thought out review.
She directed my attention to those aspects of my story that did not work so well and provided positive feedback and encouragement when my words were good. Thank you and I really appreciated your guidance.”

Lexi Greene, contemporary romance author

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